Flea Treatment Pest Control Toowoomba

Exit Flea Treatment

If you are moving out of a rental property, we can help. Most property managers will require that after having a pet the inside and outside must be treated no matter where the pet has been kept. If you are in an apartment with no external areas the treatment can be as little as $66.

If you are moving out of a rental property and need your carpet cleaned we recommend Focused on Cleaning.

Flea Infestation

This is where you notice them on you and in most cases experience them as you walk through the front door. Infestations require a lot more. First the grass must be trimmed low and floors cleaned e.g. carpets steam cleaned, floors mopped twice. This needs to e done so we have more access to the base of the grass where fleas can be and also the floors need to be cleaned because when the pupae hatches its first feed that allows it to mature is usually flea droppings as they need to have blood.

We treat the inside with a complex treatment of flea treatments, boosters and also a growth inhibitor which actually stops the flea growing into a reproducing adult properly. The outside and subfloor is treated with a hard knock down that we spray around the yard and under subfloors. We then also return a week later and retreat the exact areas the exact same way. This kills any fleas (adult or pupae) that have hatched and not been affected from the first treatment. Infestations usually cannot be treatment in one hit only. Call us today for professional pest control here in Toowoomba.

Please note all above pricing is for those in Toowoomba. Surrounding areas outside of built up areas may incur addition costs.

When we quote a flea infestation it is for a double visit, the second one about 7 days after the initial. This gets the fleas that have hatch since we were there last as flea eggs are very hard to treat. Because we use an intense treatment both times we do not have a warranty especially if there are cleaning issues.