Termite Inspection and Treatment Toowoomba

At First Choice Pest Control Toowoomba we look after you when it comes to promptness and reliability. We also put an emphasis on customer service from the time we walk through your door to when you receive your report. We are there to serve your needs when it comes to termite treatments and inspections.

Termite Inspection Toowoomba.

We have an eye for detail when it comes to looking for indications of termite activity. We not only use traditional methods but we also use FLIR infrared cameras that indicate whether or not there is a temperature difference within the wall cavity of your home. If we see a warmer reading on the picture then we know there is activity there. We look for traces or termite leaders that indicate they have entered the house and inspect all areas including the sub floor and ceiling. We also offer some tips on keeping them at bay including reducing moisture areas around the house.

Termite Treatments Toowoomba

If we find evidence of termites in your home we then set about formulating a plan to treat. Some can be at the point of destruction where they haven’t quite reached the home this means we kill all termites that we can see and do a treatment to prevent termites getting near your property and reeking havoc. If they have have started to destroy your property we can work with a builder to make sure you are not spending money fixing issues when those parts of theĀ  property may not be load bearing or have a structural responsibility. Of course the best method of treatment is a Preventative Measure. This means that you can take action before they become an issue. We can treat areas around the house and drill into concrete and treat underneath to reticulation lines under the soil. In most cases where there is a current drill and inject barrier we often discount the inspection price from the treatment price.

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