Everything you need to know about casinos

The online casino is that website where you can have fun and win online casino Singapore by playing your favorite games, also available in the downloadable version. Online casinos offer a wide range of games, including roulette, blackjack, multiple table or lottery games, keno, and more. But the most popular among players are slots.

Can I play for real money?

In most online casinos you can play both real money and virtual money. However, to play for real money it is necessary to be of legal age and to be able to deposit using your bank card.

You will probably want to try your favorite games first in the virtual money version. However, don’t be drawn into the mirage of the winnings you will make by playing for virtual money! Casinos do not use the same RNG for real and virtual money.

Can I win by playing in an online casino? Are the games correct?

Of course you can earn money by playing in an online casino, otherwise the casinos would not have so many active players every day. However, any experienced player can tell you that in the long run you will not be able to win by playing at the casino. That is if you don’t get lucky and you win a fabulous jackpot.

The games are always fair at licensed casinos, and the winnings are random. That is why we do not recommend you to use any strategy, because everything you will discover on the internet under the standard name of “game strategy” is just a simple legend.

Are there casinos where the games are not fair?

Everything you need to know about BaccaratUnfortunately, the internet is full of such websites that claim to be online casinos, but in reality they are not. All these ghost websites do is steal the money you deposited without you being able to withdraw any winnings or initial deposits. The good part is that it will not be difficult to detect them. Most often they have very poor quality graphics, visibly counterfeit slots and bonuses far too large to be real.

However, some of the fake casinos are much harder to identify. A licensed casino should have information about the license number and company address on the main page. If this information is missing from the main page, it should be available to you by a customer service representative. If you have not been able to find out all this information, then it is definitely a fake casino, where we do not recommend you to deposit your money.

How do online slots work?

No matter which licensed casino you choose to play, you should know that the games are processed on the software developer’s server. The best known casino software providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and Novomatic. Thus, the software provider guarantees the return of the player’s investment, the casino having nothing to do with the gains or losses.

Let’s talk a little about progressive jackpots! Jackpots can range from a few thousand to 7 digits. Jackpot slots have common collection accounts, and the jackpot itself is part of the investment of all players who access that slot. However, fake casinos use slots based on certain scripts, and games are processed on their servers. Thus the RTP, payments and bonuses can be adjusted by the casino management. Absolutely all fake casinos use scripting software. So, if you want to play at such a casino, look for reviews about it on the internet first.

What is RTP?

The RTP represents the percentage of the player’s investment, which the slot returns to him. In other words, if a slot has 95% RTP, in the long run, it will return 0.95 RON for every 1 RON invested in the game. Of all game providers, Netent and Microgaming have the highest RTP, averaging 96%.

The History Of Casinos

The need for people to compete with each other has existed since ancient times. Since the Middle Ages, they have created the most diverse ways to enter the competition, at first only for personal pride, and then the idea of ​​introducing rewards, most often in money.

The presence of gambling has been found in Chinese civilization since 2300 BC, and if we go back to antiquity, there is evidence of the existence of gambling in both the ancient Greeks and the Elizabethan era, the Romans, or during of Napoleon.

The most famous and oldest casino ever founded is Casino di Venezia, which dates back to 1638. Interestingly, this casino is operational even today in Italy.

In the early 20th century, gambling was banned in the United States, and the law was in effect until 1931 when gambling became legal again in Nevada and Las Vegas. Gaining increasing popularity, gambling was legalized in 1978 and in Atlantic City, being the second largest city famous for the number of casinos in the United States. Other famous destinations from this point of view are Mississippi, Tunica Resort and Biloxi.

The British are no exception when it comes to gambling, history proving that they are behind the game of Hazard, the predecessor of the current game Dice and contemporary poker games. As an element of color, poker was the favorite online casino 711 Kelab game of the Persian population.

In France, the origins of gambling date back to the time of Napoleon. The emperor shows a special interest in the game Ving Et Un, the predecessor of the game Blackjack. All the French are also responsible for the modernization of the game of Roulette, its original version being in fact the invention of the Egyptians.

In Romania, the first casino was inaugurated in Constanta in 1910, this being the emblem of the city. In 1986, a team of architects restored the casino, adding new rooms for other types of entertainment. Currently, this historic building is disused.

But what is the origin of the term “casino”? The word has Italian origin and means disorder, the term being probably used to better outline the image of players who lost their money and minds when entering the casino. However, initially the casinos were not meant to serve only gambling enthusiasts. They hosted concerts or plays, also serving as restaurants for nobility or meeting rooms.

In the mid-1990s, online casinos appeared, which allowed the gambling industry to expand unimaginably long. Thus, from the comfort of your own home, any gambling enthusiast can satisfy the pleasure of betting on any game or stake, the only necessities being a computer and an internet connection.

How to choose a Blackjack Casino?

To make the best choice when playing with money online, we have prepared below some rankings with the best offers on the market, in 2020 . The safety of the site, the percentage of winnings promoted by the operator, the quality of the games, but also the requirements in which we are offered bonuses, are information that should not be neglected – they were the number 1 priorities when we made the ranking. If the rules and strategies of the game are not new to you, then we invite you to have fun, here, where you will find only licensed sites, but if you are a beginner, going through these sections is mandatory and useful.


There are many online operators, offers and more! How to choose the best online blackjack casino to try your favorite Blackjack game or learn other game options? This choice is not so simple! Entering the net you will sink into an ocean with promotions, conditions, game variants and you will certainly not have the patience to read them all and some you will not even understand. That is exactly why we are and we do all this for you. On this page you will find several classifications and recommendations that will make your search easier and you will take action in the shortest time and in the most advantageous conditions.


We tried to look at the offers on the net through the prism of different types of players because not what is good for some is advantageous for others. Below you will find several tables that will provide you with useful information that will help you make the ideal choice, according to your own requirements. But one thing is common to all online gamblers – safety . Whether you want to try your luck at a high-bonus casino or a high-stakes casino, or vice versa, look for great deals and low-stakes games without the ONJN logo on the site you don’t have to play.


More and more players are choosing to access online Blackjack games, not at a land-based casino. This is due to the offers and variants of the game. At the online blackjack casino you will find several game variants, with different betting stakes, additional options, which increase your chance against the House and the possibility to apply game strategies. 


Software companies launch new games all the time and offer them to casinos. Blackjack variants are growing fast and appearing on the platforms of online casinos. We follow this development and constantly add new reviews about the latest Blackjack creations . Periodically follow our articles to be up to date with all the news in Romania. Once again we want to tell you that our reviews are written based on rigorous checks and tests and we only provide verified information.